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IDLocality No.Sample No.USGS No.Quadrangle FormationAge 
860778ABe-7D78ABe-7D Chandler Lake  Skajit LimestoneDevonianSelect
860878ABe-13A78ABe-13A Chandler Lake  No DataNo DataSelect
860978ABe-25B78ABe-25B Chandler Lake  Skajit LimestoneNo DataSelect
861078ABe-25A78ABe-25A Chandler Lake  Skajit LimestoneMiddle Devonian - Early MississippianSelect
861578ABe-129A78ABe-129A Chandler Lake  Kayak ShaleNo DataSelect
1636350AKe11450AKe114Mesozoic loc. 22581Chandler Lake  Tiglukpuk FormationKimmeridgian - PortlandianSelect
600384AKa16-184AKa16-129606-PCChandler Lake A-1 Lisburne GroupEarly PennsylvanianSelect
7223F1 of 20 JuneF1 of 20 June Chandler Lake A-2 Wachsmuth LimestoneEarly MississippianSelect
1442524605-24b24605-24bUpper Paleozoic loc. M1128Chandler Lake A-2 Lisburne GroupMississippianSelect
1442624605-72b24605-72bUpper Paleozoic loc. M1290Chandler Lake A-2 Lisburne GroupMeramecianSelect
1442724605-83B24605-83B Chandler Lake A-2 Lisburne GroupMeramecianSelect
1442824605-103B24605-103BUpper Paleozoic loc. M1130Chandler Lake A-2 Lisburne GroupMeramecianSelect
860178ABe-108B78ABe-108B Chandler Lake A-3 Kanayut Conglomerate - Stuver MemberMississippianSelect
860478ARr-48A78ARr-48A Chandler Lake A-3 Kayak Shale; Kanayut Conglomerate - Stuver MemberMississippianSelect
1442024602-67b24602-67bUpper Paleozoic loc. M1126Chandler Lake A-3 Lisburne GroupMeramecianSelect
1442124602-60B24602-60B Chandler Lake A-3 Lisburne GroupMeramecian - ChesterianSelect
1442224603-66b24603-66bUpper Paleozoic loc. M1127Chandler Lake A-3 Lisburne GroupMeramecian - ChesterianSelect
1442324603-88b24603-88b Chandler Lake A-3 Lisburne GroupMeramecianSelect
1442424603-89b24603-89b Chandler Lake A-3 Lisburne GroupMeramecian - ChesterianSelect
117577ABe73C77ABe73C27431-PCChandler Lake A-4 Kayak ShaleMississippianSelect