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IDLocality No.Sample No.USGS No.Quadrangle FormationAge 
184684DB175C84DB175C10964-SDJuneau  No DataPridolian - FrasnianSelect
21882DB066A 82DB066A  Juneau A-1 No DataMiddle Triassic - Late TriassicSelect
176282DB065A82DB065A Juneau A-1 No DataNo DataSelect
222564AFd5F64AFd5F Juneau A-1 Gastineau VolcanicsLate PaleozoicSelect
222664AFd18F64AFd18F Juneau A-1 Gastineau VolcanicsLate PaleozoicSelect
365266AFd23F66AFd23F Juneau A-1 No DataMiddle Triassic - Late TriassicSelect
177482NW32082NW320 Juneau A-3 Retreat GroupNo DataSelect
177582DB367A82DB367A Juneau A-3 Retreat GroupNo DataSelect
186185DB036A85DB036A Juneau A-3 Point Augusta FormationNo DataSelect
187785DB045A85DB045A Juneau A-3 Point Augusta FormationNo DataSelect
187885DB058E85DB058E Juneau A-6 UnnamedNo DataSelect
1134257ALy197cF57ALy197cF Juneau A-6 No DataNo DataSelect
1132457ADu2F57ADu2F Juneau B-1 No DataNorianSelect
16127Property of State Musuem of JuneauProperty of State Musuem of Juneau Juneau B-1 UnknownSinemurianSelect
67268ASj37468ASj374Mesozoic loc. M5068Juneau B-2 No DataCretaceousSelect
192471Afd48a71Afd48aMesozoic locality M5859Juneau B-2 No DataHauterivian - CenomanianSelect
2245Robert D. Miller -1971 -unnumbered sampleRobert D. Miller -1971 -unnumbered sample Juneau B-2 No DataNo DataSelect
4987No DataNo Data Juneau B-2 No DataHoloceneSelect
933158AMr 1A58AMr 1ACenozoic loc. M210Juneau B-2 No DataNeogeneSelect
933258AMr 2A58AMr 2ACenozoic loc. M211Juneau B-2 No DataNeogeneSelect