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Stratigraphic range: Silurian-Devonian(?)
Kinds of fossils: Invertebrates
Quadrangle or area: Craig, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-67-5
Referred by: Ovenshine, A. Thomas
Report prepared by: Dutro, J. Thomas, Jr.
Date: 03/10/1972

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67AOv242 (8017-SD) , Craig , South shore of Kosciusko Island, near Limestone Point at entrance to Edna Bay; 0.45 miles at 33 degrees from tr. sta. Edna.
probably Rhipidium
poorly preserved smooth shells, probably Atrypella
67AOv221 (8015-SD, 8047-SD) , Craig , South shore of Kosciusko w/o Edna Bay. 1.52 miles at 310 degrees from tr. ta. Green. 2500 feet at 37 deg. from Limestone Point.
cross-sections of a small biconvex shell that may be Atrypella
67AOv231 (8016-SD) , Craig , w/o Edna Bay on south shore Kosciusko Island. 1.52 miles at 310 degrees from tr. sta. Green.
Atrypella aff. A. scheii (Holtedahl)
indeterminate medium-spired gastropod steinkern
horn coral fragments
67AOv352 (8020-SD) , Craig , NW shore Marble Island; 0.1 miles at 118 degrees from tr. sta. Bear.
possibly Kirkidium
67AOv843 (8013-SD) , Craig , islands s/o Orr Island. 2.14 miles at 78 degrees from tr. sta. Cliff.
indeterminate brachiopod scraps
67AOv911 (8014-SD) , Craig , west shore of entrance to Cyrus Cove; 2.23 miles at 315 degrees from tr. sta. Hoot.
echinoderm debris, indet.
strophomenoid, undet.
chonetid, indet.
pentameroids (may be Gypidula)
Plectatrypa? sp.
Atrypa sp.
spiriferoid, indet.
Cyrtina sp.