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Stratigraphic range:
Kinds of fossils:
Quadrangle or area: Petersburg quad.
Shipment No.: A-69-16
Referred by: Ovenshine, A. Thomas
Report prepared by: Dutro, J. Thomas, Jr.
Date: 03/10/1972

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68AOv651 (8427-SD) , Petersburg , LaBouchere Bay. 1.68 miles at 293 degrees from Protection Head. Near base of Heceta Limestone in this area.
costate pentameroid (fragments)
68AOv1451 (8249-SD) , Petersburg , East Island in the Kashevarof Islands. 0.82 miles at 274 degrees from triangulation station Bluff on Bluff Island.
Kirkidium sp.
68AOv1631 (8235-SD) , Petersburg , West shore of island southeast of Shrubby Island. 1.26 miles at 191 degrees from triangulation station Shrub.
pentameroid with costate ornament, probably both Kirkidium and Rhipidium
68AWd482 (8239-SD) , Petersburg , North side of Hole-in-the-Wall. From the southwest corner of this B-5 quad. (56 deg. 15 min.; 133 deg. 37.45 min.) the locality is 2.22 miles at 048 degrees.
costate pentameroid, possibly Kirkidium
68AWd852 (8234-SD) , Petersburg , 1.12 miles at 278 degrees from triangulation station Change.
stropheodontid with ornament like Cymostrophia
68AWd1371 (8236-SD) , Petersburg , Middle Islands, Kashevarof Islands. 2.82 miles at 238 degrees from triangulation station Shrub on Shrubby Island.
small smooth biconvex shells, probably Atrypella
68AWd601 (8237-SD) , Petersburg , Neck Lake area. 2.24 miles at 255 degrees from the cabin at the outlet creek of Neck Lake.
corals, undet.
Cymostrophia? sp.
Rhipidium sp.
Kirkidium sp.
Harpidium? sp.
Atrypella sp.
Eospirifer sp.
Hedeina? sp.
Howellella sp.
atrypid, indet.
pelecypods, indet.
gastropods, indet.
nautiloid fragment, indet.
trilobite fragments, indet.
ostracodes, indet.