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Stratigraphic range: Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks, belemnite
Quadrangle or area: Port Moller, Alaska
Shipment No.: O-74-6M
Referred by: Lyle, W. M.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L.
Date: 01/31/1974

This report is based on collections from the Herendeen Bay area. Locality data is missing from collection L-34-73. Would appreciate this information from you.

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L-7-73 (Mesozoic loc. M6247) , Port Moller
Buchia rugosa (Fischer)
L-36-73 (Mesozoic loc. M6248) , Port Moller
L-57-73 (Mesozoic loc. M6249) , Port Moller
Buchia crassicollis solida (Lahusen)
Buchia sublaevis Keyserling
L-34-73 , Port Moller , No locality data given. Bag labelled jks gritstone.
Buchia sp.
No Data , Port Moller , One bag labelled Jn.
Buchia concentrica Sowerby
No Data , Port Moller , One bag labelled mudstone, gritstone.
Buchia concentrica Sowerby
Oxytoma sp.