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Stratigraphic range: Permian and Cretaceous
Kinds of fossils: Pelecypods & foraminifera
Quadrangle or area: Russian Mission & Melozitna Quads., Alaska
Shipment No.: O-74-14M
Referred by: Almgren, A. A.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L. , Armstrong, Augustus K.
Date: 05/13/1974

Material submitted by A. A. Almgren, Union Oil Co., 9645 S. Santa Fe Springs Road, Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670.

Thin sections and fossil material retained in Menlo Park.

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RRR-1437 (Upper Paleozoic loc. M1169) , Russian Mission , Russian River Quad., north of Yukon River, long 160 degrees, 75 min W., lat 62 degrees, 00 min N. Bryozoan-echinoderm-fusulinid-packstone.
Fragments of solitary rugose corals
Fragments of fusulinids, species and genus indeter.
Nodosaria spp.
RRR-1557 (Upper Paleozoic loc. M1170) , Melozitna , Melozitna Quad., north of Koyukuk River, outcrop opposite -Twenty-five-mile Cabin- , R. 20 E., T. 5 N., Arenaceous-packstone.
Nodosaria spp.
Buchia sp.