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Stratigraphic range: Mesozoic
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks
Quadrangle or area: Listed below, Ak Peninsula
Shipment No.: A-82-12M
Referred by: Patton, William W., Jr.
Report prepared by: Miller, John W. , Jones, David L.
Date: 12/07/1982

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82APa87 (Mesozoic loc. M7659) , Norton Bay , Norton Bay (C-1) 1:63360 quadrangle. Cutbank on east side of Nulato River. Elevation 1400 ft (427 m). Latitude: 64 deg. 34.50' N; Longitude: 159 deg. 18.00' W; Township: 10S; Range: 3W; Section: 32; NE quarter; Collector: W.W. Patton, 1982. Field Identifier: 82APa87. (from Elder and Miller, 1991, p. 50)
Paragastroplites flexicostatus Imlay
82APa8 (Mesozoic loc. M7660) , Norton Bay , Norton Bay (A-1) Quadrangle. Ridge 2 km south of Kaltag Portage. Elevation 2000 ft (610 m). Latitude: 63 deg. 14.00' N; Longitude: 159 deg. 4.00' W; Township: 14S; Range: 2W; Section: 33; SW quarter; Collector: W.W. Patton, 1982. Field Identifier: 82APa8. (from Elder and Miller, 1991, p. 47)
Indeterminate belemnite
Buchia crassicollis solida (Lahusen)
82 APa 50 (Mesozoic loc. M7661) , Kateel River , Kateel River (A-6) Quadrangle. Cutbank on E. side of Arvesta Creek, 1.2 km from junction with Kateel River. Sec. 13, T. 4 S., R. 1 W. Latitude: 65 deg., 08.5 min. N., longitude: 158 deg. 47.5 min. W.
Paragastroplites sp.
other Gastroplited ammonites