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Stratigraphic range: Jurassic and Cretaceous
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks
Quadrangle or area: As listed below, Peninsula
Shipment No.: A-78-18M-B
Referred by: Detterman, Robert L.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L. , Miller, John W.
Date: 04/27/1978

Continued from A-78-18M, Part A.

This report completes the Naknek and Stainiukovich collections. The report on fossils collected from the Hoodoo and Chignik Formations will follow soon.

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77-ADt-169 (Mesozoic loc. M6926) , Chignik , Chignik (D-1) Quadrangle. Latitude 56 deg. 50 min. 29 sec. N; Longitude 158 deg. 12 min. 50 sec. W. Section 5, T. 39 S., R. 56 W., 3.7 miles S 40 deg. W of Vent Mountain. Naknek Formation, dark siltstone with thin sandstone interbeds.
Buchia concentrica (Sowerby)
Buchia rugosa (Fischer)
77-ADt-192 (Mesozoic loc. M6927) , Chignik , Chignik (D-1) Quadrangle. Latitude 56 deg. 54 min. 34 sec. N; Longitude 158 deg. 04 min. W. Section 8, T. 38 S., R. 55 W., north gate to Aniakchak Caldera. 1 mile S 75 deg. E of outlet to Surprice Lake. Naknek Formation, siltstone.
Buchia concentrica (Sowerby)
Pholadomya sp.
Pleuromya sp.