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Stratigraphic range: Cretaceous?
Kinds of fossils: mollusks
Quadrangle or area: Howard Pass, De Long Mtn, Misheguk Mtn., Noatak quads, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-69-7M
Referred by: Tailleur, Irv L.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L.
Date: 05/23/1969

Miscellaneous collections submitted by Tailleur.

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65ATr13 (Mesozoic loc. M2997) , De Long Mts , Concretion in shale above Shublik, cutbank on Surprise Creek north of Igloo Creek. Same as BP AH534.
Buchia sublaevis (Imlay)
Buchia crassicollis (Keyserling)
68Mu227 (Mesozoic loc. M5125) , Misheguk Mtn , Okpikruak? South of divide at head Kugururok River.
Buchia cf. B. unschensis
68ATr45.3 (Mesozoic loc. M5123) , De Long Mts , [entered as 45ATr3 in Jone's report, but he appearently meant the 68ATr45.3 of the transmittal report - NZ] Moderately long series of cutbanks in pre-Albian rocks on north side of west branch of unnamed tributary to Ipewik River.
Buchia sublaevis (Imlay)
68ATr66 (Mesozoic loc. M5124) , De Long Mts , Rubble bank on north side of creek 3 mi. from heading against Ipevik Lake.
Buchia sublaevis (Imlay)
68ATr37F , Howard Pass , Low cuts at head of small stream draining north scarp of Devonian limestone, east side of Howard Pass.
68ATr144 , Noatak , [entered as 68AT4 144 by Jones -NZ]. Buchia in wacke cutbank on upper Asikpan Cr., Seppings Hills.
Buchia sp. juv. - may be B. sublaevis (Imlay)