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Stratigraphic range: Probably Valanginian
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks
Quadrangle or area: Hughes, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-64-9M
Referred by: Miller, T. P.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L.
Date: 12/10/1964

This report covers fossils obtained from locality M2072, reported on in 1963. The list for this year is nearly identical to that of last year and the age assignment is the same.

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64AAn1-F, 3-F (Mesozoic loc. M2072) , Hughes , Specimens are from a tuffaceous graywacke-siltstone sequence on Hughes Creek. This is the same locality sampled in 1963 by Miller - 63AMm286, P&S No. M2072.
Buchia cf. B. keyserlingi (Lahusen)
Anomia sp.
Glycymeris? sp.
Pleuromya sp. (not Pholadoyma as previously reported)
Terebratulid brachiopod