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Stratigraphic range: Lower Cretaceous
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks
Quadrangle or area: Delong Mtns., Killik River, Misheguk Mtn., Alaska
Shipment No.: A-75-27M
Referred by: Tailleur, Irv L.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L. , Miller, John W.
Date: 10/17/1975

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053-K (SOCAL) (Mesozoic loc. M6389) , Killik River , Killik River (A-3 in E&R, Note by R.B. Blodgett, should be C-3) 15 min. quadrangle. Upper Oolamnagavik River. Latitude: 68 degs. 35 min. N., longitude: 154 degs. 32 min. W. Sec. 33, T. 10 S., R. 11 W., Opikruak Formation. Collector: R. Crane, Standard Oil Company of Calif.
Entolium? sp.
74M60168 (Mesozoic loc. M6390) , De Long Mts , DeLong Mtns. (A-3) 15 min. quadrangle, Upper Kivalina River. Latitude: approximately 68 degs. 15 min. N, longitude: approximately 154 degs. 32 min. W., sec. 22-23, R. 33-34 N., T. ?, Opikruak Formation. Collector: Exxon (Mull).
Buchia sublaevis Keyserling
27677-34A (SOCAL) (Mesozoic loc. M6391) , Misheguk Mtn , West trending cutbanks north side lower Kuguyurak [note by R.B. Blodgett, correct spelling should be Kugururok] River. Latitude: 68 degs. 05.6 min. N., longitude: 161 degs. 3.9 min. W., SE sec. 11, T. 31 N., R. 13 W. Okpikruak Formation. Collector: Standard Oil Company. (description from Jones/Miller E&R report) [[Latitude: 68 deg. 06'02", Longitude: 161 deg. 34'32"; description from Curtis, Ellersieck, Mayfield, & Tailleur, 1984, USGS Misc. Inv. Series Map I-1502 (note by R.B. Blodgett, this lat./long data appears to be more accurate than that on E&R, which has gross error on latitude)]
Buchia fischeriana (d'Orbignay)