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Stratigraphic range: Jurassic
Kinds of fossils: Bivalves
Quadrangle or area: Petersburg A-3, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-82-9
Referred by: Brew, David A.
Report prepared by: Imlay, Ralph W.
Date: 06/24/1982

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82DB069A , Petersburg , collected near high tide line on the west side of Etolin Island (on Clarence Strait side) in southeastern Alaska (Lat. 56 deg. 06 min. 00 sec., Long. 152 deg. 41 min. 10 sec.). They were obtained from the Seymour Canal Formation.
Buchia mosquensis (Von Buch)
Buchia rugosa (Fischer)
Buchia cf. B. rugosa (Fischer)
Buchia sp.