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Stratigraphic range:
Kinds of fossils:
Quadrangle or area:
Shipment No.: A-52-21
Referred by: Hoare, Joseph M.
Report prepared by: Imlay, Ralph W.
Date: 12/09/1952

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50AHr708F , Goodnews Bay , South 81 deg. 45 min. E., 32 miles from the Kwinhagak church. North 58 deg. 25 min. E, 55 1/4 miles from Platinum
Aucella with high, thin, widely spaced ribs
48AHr240F , Bethel , South 40 deg. 30 min. E, 44 1/4 miles from the center of the landing field on the Bethel side of Kuskokwim River at Bethel. South 42 deg. 30 min. N, 54 1/4 miles from Fisher Dome.
poorly preserved belemnites, not generically determinate
51ACd141F , Goodnews Bay , Due East 18 miles from the north end of Goodnews Lake. South 11 deg. E, 26 1/2 miles from the outlet of Kagati Lake.
poorly preserved belemnites, not generically determinate
52AHr1100F , Nushagak Bay , One and three quarters miles S 7 deg. E from the mouth of Kulukak River on Kulukak Bay.
poorly preserved belemnites, not generically determinate
52AHr3002F , Nushagak Bay , Southwest side of Kulukak River at point where it enters Kulukak Bay.
ammonite with ribbing suggestive of Lytoceras
52AHr3004F , Nushagak Bay , North 46 deg. E 5 1/4 miles from southernmost point of Right Hand Point.
ammonite fragment