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Stratigraphic range: Late Jurassic and Cretaceous
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks, etc.
Quadrangle or area: Northern Alaska and Gulf of Alaska
Shipment No.: O-62-5M
Referred by:
Report prepared by: Jones, David L.
Date: 05/10/1962

This report covers 66 collections of fossils, mainly from the North Slope of Alaska, but a few from the slate and greywacke belt of southern Alaska. Many of the fossils are poorly preserved and cannot be identified. The majority of specimens from the North Slope are from the Fortress Mountain, Torok, and Kukpowruk Formations or equivalents, and are of Albian age. Several collections are of Late Cretaceous age. The fossils retained in the Menlo Park office have been given USGS numbers; the remainder have been discarded.

Locality data and determinations follow on page 2.

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AB 845 (Mesozoic loc. M1504) , Umiat , West bank Chandler River
Ditrupa cornu Imlay
indet. clam
AB 89ma (Mesozoic loc. M1492) , Chandler Lake , Aucella Creek
Aucella okensis?
AB 8ma (Mesozoic loc. M1517) , Howard Pass , Meade River
Solecurtus? chapmani? Imlay
AB 846ma (Mesozoic loc. M1505) , Umiat , West of Chandler River
indeter. ammonite fragment
Entolium utukokense
clam fragments
AB 1092 , Point Lay , Kukpowruk River
Beudanticeras cf. B. affine
AB 1524 , De Long Mts , Pitmegea River
indeter. clams?
AB 542 (Mesozoic loc. M1499) , Lookout Ridge , Discovery Creek
Panope sp.
AB 41ma (Mesozoic loc. M1488) , Utukok River , Ipnavik River
Colvillia cf. C. crassicostatus Imlay
AB 510 (Mesozoic loc. M1495) , Lookout Ridge , Kigalik River
Tancredia kurupana
clam fragment
AB 522 (Mesozoic loc. M1496) , Lookout Ridge , Near Titaluk River
Inoceramus cf. I. anglicus
ammonite fragment
AB 1341 (Mesozoic loc. M1514) , Ikpikpuk River , Ninuluk Bluff
Inoceramus dunveganensis
AB 534 (Mesozoic loc. M1497) , Lookout Ridge , Section Creek
Entolium utukokense
AB 55 (Mesozoic loc. M1490) , Killik River , Heather Creek
Arctica? sp.
AB 540 (Mesozoic loc. M1498) , Lookout Ridge , Discovery Creek
clam fragment
AB 780 (Mesozoic loc. M1493) , Killik River , North of Pingaluligit Mtn.
clam fragment
AB 1232 , Killik River , East Fork Etivluk River
Inoceramus fragment
AB 581 (Mesozoic loc. M1502) , Utukok River , Utukok River
Panope? sp.
AB 797 (Mesozoic loc. M1503) , Killik River , Pediment Creek
Ammonite, indeter.
AB 584 , Utukok River , Utukok River
Tancredia kurupana
AB 9 , Howard Pass , Meade River
Entolium utukokense
AB 842 , Umiat , South of Colville River
Inoceramus cf. I. dunveganensis?
or Inoceramus anglicus?
AB 849 (Mesozoic loc. M1506) , Umiat , West of Chandler River
Entolium utukokense
AB 857 (Mesozoic loc. M1508) , Umiat , Trib. of Ninuluk Creek
Arctica dowlingi
AB 1523 , De Long Mts , Near Pitmegea River
clam fragments
AB 1306 , Chandler Lake , West Trib. Siksikpuk River
clam fragments
AB 12 (Mesozoic loc. M1487) , Utukok River , Utukok River
Tancredia kurupana?
AB 5 (Mesozoic loc. M1486) , Ikpikpuk River , East of Watermelon Lake
Flaventia? sp.
AB 726 , Unknown , [No description provided in E&R - R.B. Blodgett]
Aucella mosquensis?
AC 3049 (Mesozoic loc. M1516) , Mt Michelson , Shaviovik River [Note by R.B. Blodgett, is this locality correct?, as lat./long given indicate Mt. Michaelson quad., while Shaviovik River is situated in the Sagavanirtok B-1 quad.
Aucella cf. A. okensis
AB 73 (Mesozoic loc. M1491) , Killik River , (Okokmilaga?) River
Buchia crassicollis
Aucella crassicollis
AB 544 (Mesozoic loc. M1501) , Lookout Ridge , Meade River
Entolium utukokense
indeter. clams
AB 843 , Umiat , South of Colville River
Entolium utukokense
Ditrupa cornu
AC 3047 (Mesozoic loc. M1515) , Mt Michelson , West bank, mid reaches of Kavik
Buchia okensis
AB 543 (Mesozoic loc. M1500) , Lookout Ridge , Discovery Creek
clam fragment?
Tancredia kurupana
clam indeter?
AB 1343 , Ikpikpuk River , Ninuluk Creek
clam fragments
AB 1017 (Mesozoic loc. M1509) , Lookout Ridge , Birthday Pass area
clam fragments
AB 1031 , Lookout Ridge , Lili Creek
AB 506 , Lookout Ridge , Kigalik River
Inoceramus cf. I. dunveganensis?
AB 1036 , Lookout Ridge , Kaksu River
Pentacrinoidal remains
AB 4 (Mesozoic loc. M1485) , Ikpikpuk River , Kigalik River
AC 1183 , Mt Michelson , [None given in E&R]
Aucella sp. indeter.
AB 1294 (Mesozoic loc. M1513) , Killik River , Near Outwash Creek
Aucella okensis
AC 3046 , Mt Michelson , Trib. of Kavik
Aucella sp. indeter.
AB 1068 (Mesozoic loc. M1511) , Utukok River , Disappointment Creek
AB 1016 , Lookout Ridge , Birthday Creek
AB 1037 (Mesozoic loc. M1510) , Lookout Ridge , Kaksu River
Yoldia sp.
AB 100 (Mesozoic loc. M1494) , Umiat , Chandler River
Inoceramus steenstrupi
AB 856 (Mesozoic loc. M1507) , Umiat , Trib. of Ninuluk Creek
Inoceramus dunveganensis
AB 3 (Mesozoic loc. M1484) , Ikpikpuk River , Little Supreme Bluff
AB 1071 , Utukok River , Utukok River
AB 1090 (Mesozoic loc. M1512) , Point Lay , Kukpowruk River
Pterid clams
AB 13 , Utukok River , Utukok River
AB 1502 , Utukok River , East of Kokolik River
GB 1173 (Mesozoic loc. M1558) , Yakutat , Yakutat quad., Russel Fjord
clam fragments?
GB 1171 (Mesozoic loc. M1557) , Yakutat , Yakutat quad., Ukwe Lake
Aucella mosquensis
GB 1222 (Mesozoic loc. M1559) , Yakutat , Yakutat quad., not insitu, Kwik stream
Aucella cf. okensis
Aucella subokensis?
AB 1205 (Mesozoic loc. M1268) , Howard Pass , Howard Pass
Aucella subokensis?