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Stratigraphic range: Lower Cretaceous
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks
Quadrangle or area: Yukon River area, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-60-7M, 9M *
Referred by: Brabb, Earl E.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L.
Date: 05/08/1964

This report is an reexamination of old collections requested by Earl E. Brabb. [shipment number was not given by the E&R but the report is related to an ealier report by Jones 2/8/1961 which has the shipment number: A-60-7M, 9M - noted by Ning Zhang]

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Brabb1964 - locality 2674 , Charley River , Washington Creek, 6 miles above mouth.
Buchia okensis
Brabb1964 - locality 3783 , Charley River , South bank of Yukon River, 400 yds. below Glen Creek.
Pinna sp.
Buchia cf. B. sublaevis
Ammonite fragment - resembles Polyptychites sp.
Ammonite fragment - possibly Olcostephanus sp.