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Stratigraphic range: Lower Cretaceous
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks
Quadrangle or area: Shungnak
Shipment No.: A-55-14
Referred by: Patton, William W., Jr.
Report prepared by: Imlay, Ralph W.
Date: 09/16/1955

Brief statement of problem and remarks (from collector):
Collection from thick sequence of interbedded volcanics and graywackes believed to be equivalent to Koyukuk group (Schrader, 1904). Stratigraphic control very poor. Besides Lower Cretaceous the Koyukuk group may include rocks of Jurassic and even Triassic age.

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55APa25 , Shungnak , [Note by R.B. Blodgett: No information provided in E&R report, however transmittal sheet of Patton indicates that 55APa25 (Field station:p-80) has the coordinates of 17.5 - 9.4 on the Shungnak quadrangle map and is from the Koyukuk Group]
Aucella sublaevis Keyserling