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Stratigraphic range: Jurassic?
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks
Quadrangle or area: Chamberlain Glacier, Alaksa
Shipment No.: A-60-10M
Referred by: Miller, Don J.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L.
Date: 01/30/1961

This report covers two lots of fossils collected from the Yakutat formation by Don. J. Miller.

Brief statement of problem and remarks (from collector):
With the possible exception of a belemnite reportedly identified on the spot but not collected (Alaskan Branch paleo file, p. 1706-1707), no fossil Mollusca are known to have been found heretofore in the Yakutat group in the type area or adjoining parts of the Yakutat and Malaspina districts. The group is now considered to be probably Cretaceous and possibly largely or entirely of Late Cretaceous age (USGS Oil and Gas Inv. Map OM 189). The present collections are from argillite near a depositional contact with greenstone, a relationship similar to that described in the type area by Tarr and Butler (USGS Prof. Paper 64, p. 152-154), and hence are probably from the basal part of the Yakutat group.

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60AMr 134 (M1030) , Yakutat , Locally derived blocks of argillite on north shore of lake at foot of Chamberlain Glacier, 1.78 miles N. 31 deg. E. of the lake outlet source of the Akwe River.
Buchia sp. indeter.
60AMr 1921 (M1031) , Yakutat , Locally derived talus debris on east shore of lake at foot of the Chamberlain Glacier, 1.70 miles N. 47 deg. E. of the lake outlet source of the Akwe River.
Inoceramus fragments