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Stratigraphic range: Upper Triassic
Kinds of fossils: Marine invertebrates
Quadrangle or area: Charley River, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-61-27M
Referred by: Brabb, Earl E.
Report prepared by: Silberling, Norman J.
Date: 11/17/1961

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61ABa1732 (Mesozoic loc. M1266) , Charley River , Charley River B-5 quad; NE1/4 sec. 21, T. 6 N., R. 22 E.; lat 65 deg. 20'N, long 143 deg. 13.1'W.; coordinates (8.2,5.7).
Monotis sp. indet.
Heterastridium sp.
61ABa1884 (USGS Mesozoic loc. M1267) , Charley River , Charley River A-2 quad.; NE1/4 sec. 29, T. 4 N., R. 29 E., lat 65 deg. 09'N., long 141 deg. 53.1'W.; coordinates (3.4, 10.3).
Monotis sp. indet.
Halobia aff. H. distincta Mojsisovics