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Stratigraphic range: Upper Triassic
Kinds of fossils: marine invertebrates
Quadrangle or area: Sitka B-1 & D-1, Juneau B-1, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-57-14
Referred by: Loney, R. A. , Lathram, E. H.
Report prepared by: Silberling, Norman J.
Date: 05/14/1959

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57ADu75 , Sitka , Pybus Bay, on north shore of small cove, 0.4 mi. NE of triangulation pt. Hyd. Coordinates 20.9, 15.9. Same loc. as 74F, about 200 feet above base of section.
Heterastridium sp.
57ALy101F , Sitka , Admiralty Island, coordinates 10.24, 6.32.
Monotis subcircularis Gabb
Heterastridium sp.