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Stratigraphic range: Upper Triassic
Kinds of fossils: Corals
Quadrangle or area: Iliamna quad.
Shipment No.: A-55-21
Referred by: Kirschner, Charles E.
Report prepared by: Wells, John W.
Date: 01/18/1956

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CEK-611 , Iliamna , [Note from R.B. Blodgett: no geographic information provided in E&R report, other than that it is from the Iliamna quadrangle. However, transmittal sheets of Kirschner indicate that the locality is "Lk (Lake)Iliamna. It should also be noted that the text (p. B16) and geologic map of Detterman and Reed, 1980, USGS Bull. 1368-B suggests that this locality is at Millets Point, north shore of Lake Iliamna, situated in the Iliamna D-5 1:63,600-scale quadrangle]
Oppelismilia sp. cf. O. mojsvari (Frech)
Koilocoenia sp. (cf. Cyathocoenia andreaei Volz)
Thecosmilia cf. T. fenestrata Reuss type
Heterastridium conglobatum Reuss
Spongiomorpha sp.
Stromatoporoid indet.