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Stratigraphic range:
Kinds of fossils:
Quadrangle or area:
Shipment No.: A-66-2
Referred by: Hoare, Joseph M.
Report prepared by: Dutro, J. Thomas, Jr.
Date: 03/30/1972

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65AHr37 (USGS 8927-SD) , Mc Grath , McGrath (A-5) quad., NW 1/4 of SE1/4 sec. 31, T. 24 N., R. 31 W.; lat. 62 deg. 7.5'N, long. 155 deg. 1.7'W; on SE side of prominent NE trending ridge at an elev. of about 3000', approx. 250' vertically below crest of ridge; fossils from talus blocks derived from massive fine-grained ls. at least several hundred ft thick. Massive limestone beds overlie thin-bedded sandy brown limestone and thin-bedded gray limestone containing 3 black chert beds est. to be 10', 20' and 45' thick.
probable Atrypella
echinodermal debris, including partial crinoid calyxes, arms and stems of rootlets
four fragments of an indetermine rugose coral
two pieces of an orthoconic cephalopod