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Stratigraphic range: Upper Silurian
Kinds of fossils: Brachiopod
Quadrangle or area: Petersburg A-3 quad., Alaska
Shipment No.: A-82-13
Referred by: Brew, David A.
Report prepared by: Dutro, J. Thomas, Jr.
Date: 01/12/1983

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82DB269A (10440-SD) , Petersburg , Petersburg A-3 quad.; 56 deg. 03 min. 17 sec. N., 132 deg. 40 min. 54 sec. W.; northwest corner of southern (of the two) Abraham Islands, Clarence Strait, southeastern Alaska; "Devonian Limestone." - Fine-grained light-gray massive limestone. Collected by D.A. Brew, 1982. Collection retained.
large pentameroid brachiopod, probably a Kirkidium