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Stratigraphic range:
Kinds of fossils:
Quadrangle or area:
Shipment No.: A-66-5M
Referred by: Berg, Henry C.
Report prepared by: Silberling, Norman J.
Date: 09/12/1966

66ABg162F and 66ABg241F geographic coordinates not in E&R report, but present in Request form.

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66ABg162F , Ketchikan
rod-like siliceous pods
66ABg193F (USGS Mesozoic loc. M5012) , Ketchikan , Banks of small west-flowing creek entering Sylburn Harbor about 1/4 mile north of its easternmost extremity; 1.6 miles east of Driest Point.
Halobia sp.
Montlivaultia cf. M. norica Frech, 1890
Heptastylis sp.
shelly hash of partly silicified gastropods
shelly hash of partly silicified pelecypods
66ABg241F (USGS Mesozoic loc. M5013) , Ketchikan , Intertidal zone about 150 feet due north of Driest Point; 3.5 miles north-northwest of Metlakatla.
Heterastridium sp.
trigoniid pelecypod mold
possibly a Halorites-like ammonoid, silicified fragment