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Stratigraphic range: Triassic and Triassic?
Kinds of fossils: Marine invertebrates
Quadrangle or area: Petersburg 1:250,000, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-79-1D
Referred by: Brew, David A.
Report prepared by: Silberling, Norman J.
Date: 05/08/1979

This report is concerned with three collections submitted in two different lots.

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78DB109D (USGS Mesozoic loc. D10709) , Petersburg , Rookery Island, Duncan Canal, Kupreanof Island; near west end of island; foliated gray-brown limestone high in exposed section which is probably no more than 100 m thick.
78DB237A (USGS Mesozoic loc. D10710) , Petersburg , Limestone and siltstone in small bay south of westernmost tip of northernmost of the Screen Islands, Clarence Strait.
shell fragments of pectenacid bivalves having fine radial and concentric ribbing
78DB238A (USGS Mesozoic loc. D10711) , Petersburg , Clast(?) from a sedimentary breccia or conglomerate overlying the Pybus Dolomite at the north end of small island on northeast side of East Island, Kashevarof Islands, Clarence Strait.
Shell fragments having Halobia-like ribbing. If these are Halobia, the character of the ribbing is like that of the youngest speices of the genus, such as Halobia lineata of middle Norian age.